Alban Elfed

He lets out a sigh as he looks over the Land
It’s been a good season, the Harvest is grand
His beard has turned grey and grown long like his hair
The deep lines on his face reveal the smiles that were there

His body is now bent from the blood he has sacrificed
So the crops would thrive, and the Land was filled with life
Hand in hand he stands alongside his beautiful Goddess
Taking this journey together, with this he feels blessed

They hear a song drifting in from across the fields
Their children working hard, harvesting their yields
With scythe and rake they are busy working the Earth
Gathering in abundance, singing songs of rebirth

He turns to the Goddess with a longing in his eyes
It’s not long now before his death and a new life
His journey almost over, their wisdom must be shared
Turning to their children they teach us to prepare

So on this day of balance between the dark and the light
Let’s discard the unneeded and preserve what is right
So our lives may be enriched, our paths drawn clearer still
To a place where we find peace and our desires are fulfilled