Autumn Equinox


There is a calm in the air as the Day greets the Night
Now on equal terms they honour each other’s might
Standing together hand in hand at the Gateway of the Year
The once powerful Sun lets the Darkness lead from here

The last of the fruits are starting to mature on the trees
The storms start to pass and the winds start to ease
The air becomes still and a peace settles down
It’s time to take stock of all our tasks up to now

The Lord of Light is exhausted from all of his hard labour
Grey of hair and lined of face he prepares now to retire
The Lady of the Land stands before us with the bounty of the Harvest
Let’s thank the Lady now for all her blessings of abundance

For this is Alban Elfed, ‘The Light of the Water’
Where we give thanks to the Earth, as our abundant Mother
With all the hard work done, we must prepare for the Twilight
But right now, let’s celebrate this time of balance in our lives

So let us take this moment in the Wheel of the Year
To reflect on our achievements and the people we hold dear
This is a time to value our community and for all of us to share
We must unite to face the darkness and show all that we care