First Harvest (Lughnasadh)


When the heat of the Sun begins to wane
And the hours of darkness are growing again
The Sun starts its journey back to the north
The wind starts to blow, it’s the season of storms

The crops have begun to mature and ripen
All of our hard work is coming to completion
It’s time to prepare for the dark days ahead
Without careful plans, the winter we will dread

This is Lughnasadh, the time of the first harvest
Where we celebrate the bounty of the first fruits
It’s a period of intense emotions and activity
A time to celebrate life, growth and fertility

Rejoice at the partnership between the Sun and the Earth
Collect the rays of the Sun and store them for rebirth
By Mabon the warmth of Summer will be a memory
We must prepare now to focus our destiny

John Barleycorn who lay with the Lady at Beltane
Stands before us now with long beard and bent cane
His time has come as his green turns to gold
He gladly gives his life to feed the town folk

His sacrifice is important as death brings rebirth
He teaches us that joy and festivities bring worth
We touch on creation by singing his dance
By honouring his life we leave nothing to chance

The Goddess Tailtiu gave her life to bring agriculture
Her foster son Lugh, honours her adventure
Lugh, God of Fire and Light, skilled at all in the land
Commemorates his mother’s sacrifice with a feast ever grand

So let’s harvest what we have learnt since we planted our seeds
And take into our lives what will benefit our needs
Leave a little aside to carry through to next Spring
So the cycle can continue and not want for anything

Beginnings (Summer Solstice)

MARREE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 07: A file photo shows the sun shining on the outback landscape June 7, 2005 near Marree, Australia. An Australian Federal Government report has found that Australian coastal cities and tourist destinations are facing a much higher risk of the destructive effect of climate change resulting in severe storms. The report concludes that likely scenarios include the Australian continent warming by between 1 and 6 degrees by 2070, more droughts which could cut farm output by billions of dollars, tourism suffering from damage to reefs, rainforests and beaches and an increased risk of more tropical cyclones, and longer growing seasons, fewer frosts and higher rainfall in some areas which could help some agribusinesses but adversely affect others from less rainfall. (Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

After the trees have shed their layers of bark
And the hours of the day are now scarcely dark
The ground becomes littered with debris so dry
The bush is anxious, in danger of Fire

There’s a shimmer of heat and a haze in the air
The Sun bearing down with a blinding glare
Tossing and turning at night without sleep
It drives us mad, this fierce bloody heat

Cause the Sun has journeyed into the Southern Lands
The spiral of the year to its widest it expands
And will soon return to the North whence it came
The spiral of the year begins once again

This is Alban Hefin, the Light of the Shore
Where Land, Sea and Sky meet we will dance ever more
The Mabon, The Child of Light, son of the Great Mother Modron
Has grown to his peak, his most potent and strong

The Oak King grows weak at the end of his reign
While the Holly King grows strong when the Sun starts to wane
At Litha the dark brother stands up to his bright twin
And battles the Oak King his crown he does win

The Druids pick blessed plants, St Johns Wort and Vervain
Filled with the energy of the Sun once again
To bring health and happiness to home and hearth
And prosperity to all with a bountiful harvest

So let’s review this past year, and look to the future
And celebrate rebirth, balance and renewal
Open your hearts and let’s dance with glee
It is time to Rejoice and celebrate being free