The Sun Shines Through

The Sun shines through the dappled sky
The song of the Casuarina in the grove where I lie
The breeze blows colder as Autumn draws near
The lake whispers in a voice I hold dear

The sickle Moon brings a smile as I look up above
It fills me with feelings of bliss and of love
How blessed am I to be free to partake
To enjoy the life around me on my walks to the lake

Shrouded in Mist


I love it when the lake is shrouded in mist
The wind on my skin, it fills me with bliss
The waves on the lake sing a song for the soul
The trees join in to make me feel whole

There’s only one thing that makes me sad
So I spend a moment to collect it and bag
I wonder why people no longer have care
And throw their damn rubbish everywhere

The Song of the Wind

The song of the wind on the lake calls out loud
The trees sing too, standing tall and proud
The wind on my skin, I feel the energy flow
The clouds in my mind, I say farewell as they go

The pelican above, into the wind it can fly
Without moving it’s wings, it cruises on by
From this giant of the sky, a lesson to know
There is a way through, just let yourself go

The Pelican

Lake Panorama

The Pelican holds such power and might
The strength it needs to burst into flight
Cruising along with her guide from Anwnn
Reflected back in the mirrored lagoon

Gliding on the updrafts from the water below
She teaches us balance and which way to go
When times are good soar as high as you can
So we may glide over the bad with a vision or plan

Give of oneself with an unending love
So our children are guided by a strength from above
The Pelican shows that faith and devotion
Will light up the future that was set in motion







Gliding with grace

Gliding with grace while they feed in the bay
Their calls so haunting as they have their say
No matter what turmoil churns from below
Heads held high, it’s Grace that they show

The whump whump whump as their wings slap the bay
Sets the beat that will carry the rhythm of the day
As black as the night sky on a dark moon
With wing tips of white shining over the lagoon

Partnered for life, their example an inspiration
Often with the same gender, there is no separation
For love holds no bounds in the life of a Black Swan
Masters of the inner self, their struggles are gone

Watch as they reveal the true meaning of community
Aided by their own, regardless of the vicinity
Guided by the flow of the challenges of living life
They show how to live with grace, while avoiding strife


Seven Ducks

Seven ducks have joined me under the trees today
How privileged I feel, what can I say
For normally they avoid me, wild as they are
And I have to be content to watch from afar

But today I am thrilled that they share their space
As I sit and ponder in this wonderful place
Happily enjoying a feed through the grass
Curious about me as they make their way past








Does a cloud have a spirit

Does a cloud have a spirit I wonder aloud
Witness to all as they go cruising around
The stars up above and the earth down below
What wonders they see wherever they go

The power of Air in the winds they command
Collecting Water vapour from Sea and from Land
Touching the Earth on the high mountain tops
The power of Fire in their intense lightning strikes

On solo journeys or gathered together in a group
They send powerful messages to those who will look
Pouring rain, hail, thunder, lightning and snow
When their meetings get heated, look out below






The first day of Spring

Let us rejoice at the first day of Spring
Clear out the old, in the new we shall bring
It’s early days yet, take some time to have fun
Dip your toes in the water, bask in the Sun

Stop for a moment and look all around
Kick off your shoes, bare feet on the ground
Listen and learn from the animals and birds
They’ll teach about Spring without any words