When the heat of the Sun starts to warm us again
And the hours of sunlight are growing each day
The Sun has started its journey back to the South
The Wattles are in bloom, it’s the festival of Flowers

As the ground starts to thaw, young shoots reach for the Sun
The Child of Light, now an infant, looks with Love at his mum
Brigid the child bride brings forth fertility and desire
That the Lord of Light will return and all will bask in his Fire

This is Imbolc, a time of hope and preparation
Where we celebrate the beauty and wonder of creation
On this day let us Feast and rejoice at the return
Of the growing Child of Light, for this we now yearn

The lambing has begun, the Ewe’s milk is such a blessing
To help the community through the last of winters depression
The magpies have begun to collect grass, bark and sticks
And started to make nests ready for their new born chicks

Though the land still lies in darkness, new hope starts to show
The Child of Light shows his power as the heat starts to grow
Little by little the blessed Earth gifts us with her first flowers
It won’t be long now till the light overcomes the dark hours

So let’s open ourselves to inspiration and planning
And ready our Yule blessed seeds for the spring planting
Prepare for the future as the hard work’s about to begin
Get ready for new beginnings with a thorough spring clean