The Sun King standing tall and proud
Shrouded in gold, he sings out loud
His beautiful song calls out to the Goddess
A picture of beauty, with her love he is blessed

Winding a spiral in through the fields
She is delighted by the abundant yields
They greet each other with a passionate embrace
Together they marvel at this wonderful place

Her belly with child, swells as the land flourishes
His face starts to age, it’s his sacrifice that nourishes
He gives freely of his life so we all will survive
For without his blood the land will not thrive

His death brings rebirth as we cut the first grains
Let’s bake the first loaf and then store the remains
So that the best is kept for planting in the Spring
The cycle will continue and abundance it will bring

So on this night let us feast and celebrate
Think back on our lives it’s time to contemplate
Then we must prepare for the darkness to come
There’s still work to do, it’s only just begun