His breathing comes hard, there’s a wheeze in his chest
The time has now come for him to lay down and rest
His bones are so weary just standing is a struggle
With the last of his energy he walks with a shuffle

The Goddess leads him over to look across the Land
To see that his sacrifice has produced something grand
All around them the bonfires are burning so bright
Their children have prepared, now everything is right

A mist curls around them as the veil starts to thin
Taking his last breath, he is now free to travel in
The Underworld is now open for those who wish to see
Your Ancestors are here for you, for today they walk free

The Cailleach walks among them, stripping the leaves from the trees
As her staff touches the ground, all around starts to freeze
The decay that she creates is important to life
If she hears what you ask she may banish your strife

Take some time today to think of your dearest departed
They may reach out to you, their messages wholehearted
What a blessing it is to have this chance to connect
Use this time wisely to prepare for what’s next