Spring Equinox


The Maiden Goddess and young Sun God stand hand in hand
Celebrating their new marriage, they marvel at the Land
Surrounded by wild flowers bathed in the colours of Spring
The young couple so in love, they rejoice and start to sing

The night and day now in balance, there’s a calm in the air
The once powerful Dark bows as the Light leads from here
The Earth is now reborn, energy courses through life’s veins
Nature is awakening, bringing a promise of new gains

This is Alban Eilir, “The Light of the Earth”
Where we celebrate balance, and the season of new birth
Cleansed, our Druid’s eggs, protected by the Hare
Promise renewal and rebirth, a future without care

The heat is on the increase and the winds start to blow
Let’s reflect and reward, and to the wind our troubles go
Collect baskets of wildflowers and celebrate life and fertility
Bask under the warm Sun, and absorb the Earth’s stability

So let’s open ourselves to the balance in our lives
Renew our dreams and aspirations so our future thrives
And manifest abundance, as we prepare for all our needs
The time for rest is over, let’s get busy and plant the seeds