The Bog Oak Ring

The Crystal Grove Bog Oak Ring has been hand crafted with care from Bog Oak, Sterling Silver and Deer Antler.

Bog Oak is Oak that has been buried and preserved in a peat bog in Ireland for over 3000 years. During that time the wood has been preserved from decay by the acidic conditions of the bog and it hardens and turns a very dark colour from the tannins in the water. This is the earlier stages of fossilisation.

The Deer Antler has been cut from a piece of shed deer antler and after creating a lamination with the Silver and Bog Oak, is carefully shaped and polished to produce the ring you see.

Sterling Silver is used in the Bog Oak Wand to bring love, peace, protection, and psychic connections to the wearer. The Oak itself, having lived back in the time of early Druids will carry a deep connection to the past. The Deer Antler will bring the qualities of gentleness and grace as well as strength and determination.

The Bog Oak Ring is custom made to order. POA.

Note there are some imperfections in the materials used in crafting this ring.