The Light of the Shore

Surrounded by fields of golden wheat
Crops ripen under the quickening heat
Her swollen belly nurtures a life within
As the Mother Goddess is awaiting him

Emerging proudly from the Forest of greens
The Horned One bids farewell to the trees
For the time has come to return to his love
The Sun at it’s peak, hovers above

Her heart is aflutter as the Horned One draws near
His new role as the Sun King, no longer brings fear
His eyes holds hers as their bodies entwine
To fulfill the Earths’ need, for now it’s his time

His antlers replaced with a wreath of gold
His love for the Goddess born of ages old
Together they’ll love and tend to the Land
Holding back the Winter, joined hand in hand

So we their children may rejoice and dance
Buoyed by the song of Natures’ romance
Weaving our intent and building our might
Celebrating fertility and the wonders of life