Winter Solstice

When the trees are cloaked in layers of bark
And the hours of the day are now mostly dark
We await the rebirth of the Sun soon to come
With a Fire in the hearth we dance and we drum

The Goddess once again becomes the Great Mother Modron
And gives birth to the Sun King, the Child of Light, the Mabon
The Mabon will bring warmth, light and life back to the Earth
The Wheel of the year revolves past death, towards a new birth

This is Alban Arthan, “The Light of Arthur”, “The Light of Winter”
Where the Sun has ventured North and can travel no further
The Dagda’s magic cauldron assures that Nature will thrive again
And daughter Brigid aids in this with her Flame of Inspiration

On this shortest day of the year the Holly King grows weak
While the Oak King grows strongest, it’s a battle he does seek
At Yule the Divine Child stands up to the Dark Lord
And battles the Holly King, his crown is his reward

Now let’s find a Yule log that will burn over twelve days
And with the remains of last year’s log, spark a flame once again
Store what’s left for next year to keep the cycle alive
And mix the ashes with the spring seeds so all our crops will thrive

While the Druids cut the sacred Mistletoe from the great Oaks
Let us purify our homes with candlelight, and incense smoke
Then decorate each room with branches of green leaves
To assure that Spring returns, for this we must believe

So let’s look upon this dark night as a time of renewal
Where we can leave the past behind and welcome in the new
It’s a time to warm our homes with friendship and with stories
To lift our spirits through this cold time awaiting Spring and its glory