The Druid Grove

Welcome to The Druid Grove. My name is Chris and I am a member of The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids (OBOD). I have been following the path of Druidry for a few short years now. I am entering the later stages of my life and my quest for spirituality has not been fulfilled until I discovered Druidry. This discovery felt like I had finally returned home, it was like I had been here before.

At the moment I am studying in the Bardic Grade. In ancient times Bards were musicians, poets and storytellers and trained in a Bardic College. Through the OBOD lessons I have learnt a lot about the myths and legends of ancient Ireland and Wales and have been challenged to find my own creativity.

I never considered myself very musical, and I have never written any poetry. At school I found Maths and Science more to my liking and English and Music were far from my reach of talents. As an OBOD Bard I was challenged and have since started playing the Bodhran (an Irish drum), am currently learning to play the Irish Whistle, and am drawn to learn and play the Uilleann Pipes (Irish Bagpipes). I had no idea I had it in me, but I have discovered that none of these things are out of my reach. I may have to practice more than someone who is a natural musician, but with a lot of enjoyment and hard work I am becoming a skilled musician.

Part of the journey of Druidry is rebuilding a connection to the land. Most of us in modern society are so disconnected that time passes without us noticing what is going on around us in Nature. I live on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia and am only a few hundred meters from a large saltwater lake and also not far from some wonderful bushland and beaches. To rebuild a connection to the land I started to walk to the lake near me most mornings. I decided to walk at the same time each day, on the same path so that I can see and notice the changes that happen as the seasons pass. This has been a valuable and fulfilling part of my journey.

The scenes I am confronted with at the lake on my walks are amazing, and these scenes have inspired me to try my hand at poetry. While I don’t consider my poems very good, I do try to include some sort of message in my words. Often it is just describing what I see, other times I bring in some of the Celtic Mythology that I have learned. Please feel free to read my poems on the Bardic Poetry  pages. Each poem is accompanied with the photos of what inspire them.

During my journey as a Bard I have also been inspired to try my hand at working with Silver and Gem stones by making jewellery and magickal tools, and am also beginning to work with timber by recreating some medieval furniture. Please have a look at my Druid Grove Creations page to see some of the items that I have created. Many of these items are available to purchase or I can be commissioned to recreate similar items for you.

I hope you enjoy The Druid Grove

In the Peace of the Grove
Chris Parker Awen