The Druid’s Grove

Welcome to the Druid’s Grove. Here you will find a collection of tools that may help in your journey through life.

These tools include a Season Calculator, Sun and Moon widgets, the Druid’s Calendar, and the Druid’s Diary.

The Druid’s Calendar can show the passing of time in Gregorian Months, Ogham Months, Zodiac Signs or Lunar Months, and you can choose whether these begin with either the Full Moon or the New Moon.

The Druid’s Diary allows you to record daily events such as Cloud, Rain, Wind, Temperature or anything else you may define yourself. You can then view each category and get a view that is graphed over time.

You can also log Categories such as Animals, Plants, Flowers etc where you name what is showing itself to you on any given day, and then when you view these Categories over time you will see which are the most common for the time.

By adding a Large Text Category, you can also keep a daily Journal where you can keep a record of anything you like.

You need to be a Registered Member and Logged In to view and use the Druid’s Calendar and Druid’s Diary, or to change the default Timezone and Location used by the Seasons Calculator and Sun & Moon widgets.

Under construction is the Wheel of the Year which shows you all of the events in an interactive wheel.