As He Reaches Towards Me

As he reaches towards me
I am entranced by his glow
In his light I am bathed
As his warmth starts to grow

His embrace falls around me
And fills me with desire
His love flowing through me
Fuels me with his Fire

Awen Door Harp

My latest creation is an Awen Door Harp made from some beautiful Australian Red Cedar. It measures 19.5cm diameter x 4cm thick. The tree was not cut for timber, it was recovered after it was washed off a river bank in Nth NSW during a flood. I am lucky enough to have a piece to work with.

The door harp originated in Scandinavia and has been around for about 700 years. It was inspired by the Chinese Feng Shui tradition of hanging bells or chimes around a door to keep bad energy out. The door harp is said to signify welcome, good luck, health and prosperity to those who pass through the door. And of course the Awen symbol brings inspiration into us.

This door harps has a very sweet tone as you can hear in the video

This door harp is for sale for $145 + postage. Message me if you are interested.

Rainbow Tree Pendants

Recently I was extremely honoured to be commissioned by The Melbourne Grove to make two pendants for a beautiful couple visiting from the UK.

They were a challenge to make but I am quite pleased with the result. They are Rainbow Tree Pendants in Sterling Silver with 7 stones in each. Garnet, Carnelian, Citrine, Malachite, Turquoise, Lapiz Lazuli and Amethyst.

I won’t make more of these as I wish them to remain unique, but I wanted to show these off and what is possible.

Chris /|\

The Corellas are Excited

The Corellas are excited, the Sun will arise soon
They rejoice flying around beneath a waning moon
The haunting cry of the Swans travels across the bay
The Swallows dart around preparing for the day
Fish start leaping out to see if he is near
The clouds come swooping down for the one that they hold dear
His arrival is amazing, setting Fire to the bay
What a glorious start to a brand new day



Yew Ogham Dice Set

The Ogham dice in the Yew Ogham Dice Set have been hand crafted from timber from the sacred Yew tree from the UK.

The Ogham alphabet originally consisted of twenty distinct characters , arranged in four aicme. The Yew Ogham dice set consists of 4 dice, each one representing one of the 4 aicme of the Ogham alphabet.

The Ogham dice are pentagonal in shape with each of the characters of the aicme inscribed on the spine. When the Ogham dice are cast, the upper most spine can be read for divination.

I Rise from the Deep

I rise from the deep to the sound of the alarm
Through the shadows I arrive at the lake
The world around, so surreal and calm
I wonder if I’m really awake

The touch of the Moon is cool on my back
As she looks down from above
Together we stand on the cusp of the night
As we await the return of her Love

There’s a glow in the sky with a promise of more
To announce that the King will arrive
Together we await the one we adore
Knowing he keeps us alive

The first rays of the Sun touch my brow
I feel the radiance growing inside
It connects me with all that is known
In the current of Awen I ride

My Need is Great

My need is great on this day
As I call out to the Sun
The golden path shows the way
For the day has just begun

The darkness that was deep inside
Is no longer what I know
Along the shining path I stride
To embrace that golden glow

Now I bathe in his bright Fire
To shed what causes pain
And it fills me with desire
Renewed and whole again

Surrounded by his blessed halo
I am raised up to the sky
It’s all up to me now
To spread my wings and fly