When the bark starts to fall from the gums all around
And the bush comes alive, vivid colours abound
The Horned God emerges burning with desire
For the Lady of the Land wants to make Bright Fire

The energy of the Earth, overflowing with vitality
Fuels the Oak Kings passion now bursting with fertility
For the Goddess of the Spring is awaiting her King
Their marriage tonight is a cause for all to sing

The drums start to pound with the heartbeat of the Land
There’s a chant through the forest growing ever grand
The Lady and the Lord start to dance to the beat
Their sweat covered bodies writhing in the heat

For tonight is the night that they join and become one
Hand-fasted and making love under the Beltane Sun
From the forest they watch their children gather flowers for their homes
Laughing and dancing around the Maypole like the villagers of old

Extinguish all your fires and build the Need Fire for Beltane
Hold hands with your partner and jump over the flames
Drive the livestock through the smoke for fertility and protection
Then rekindle your hearths with the flames from the Tein-eigen

So let us feast on this night, and celebrate fertility and love
For Summer is about to begin and what we plant will thrive
Take the leap across the fire to banish what brings us strife
Work on your hopes and dreams so they may fulfill your life