His breathing comes hard, there’s a wheeze in his chest
The time has now come for him to lay down and rest
His bones are so weary just standing is a struggle
With the last of his energy he walks with a shuffle

The Goddess leads him over to look across the Land
To see that his sacrifice has produced something grand
All around them the bonfires are burning so bright
Their children have prepared, now everything is right

A mist curls around them as the veil starts to thin
Taking his last breath, he is now free to travel in
The Underworld is now open for those who wish to see
Your Ancestors are here for you, for today they walk free

The Cailleach walks among them, stripping the leaves from the trees
As her staff touches the ground, all around starts to freeze
The decay that she creates is important to life
If she hears what you ask she may banish your strife

Take some time today to think of your dearest departed
They may reach out to you, their messages wholehearted
What a blessing it is to have this chance to connect
Use this time wisely to prepare for what’s next

Alban Elfed

He lets out a sigh as he looks over the Land
It’s been a good season, the Harvest is grand
His beard has turned grey and grown long like his hair
The deep lines on his face reveal the smiles that were there

His body is now bent from the blood he has sacrificed
So the crops would thrive, and the Land was filled with life
Hand in hand he stands alongside his beautiful Goddess
Taking this journey together, with this he feels blessed

They hear a song drifting in from across the fields
Their children working hard, harvesting their yields
With scythe and rake they are busy working the Earth
Gathering in abundance, singing songs of rebirth

He turns to the Goddess with a longing in his eyes
It’s not long now before his death and a new life
His journey almost over, their wisdom must be shared
Turning to their children they teach us to prepare

So on this day of balance between the dark and the light
Let’s discard the unneeded and preserve what is right
So our lives may be enriched, our paths drawn clearer still
To a place where we find peace and our desires are fulfilled


The Sun King standing tall and proud
Shrouded in gold, he sings out loud
His beautiful song calls out to the Goddess
A picture of beauty, with her love he is blessed

Winding a spiral in through the fields
She is delighted by the abundant yields
They greet each other with a passionate embrace
Together they marvel at this wonderful place

Her belly with child, swells as the land flourishes
His face starts to age, it’s his sacrifice that nourishes
He gives freely of his life so we all will survive
For without his blood the land will not thrive

His death brings rebirth as we cut the first grains
Let’s bake the first loaf and then store the remains
So that the best is kept for planting in the Spring
The cycle will continue and abundance it will bring

So on this night let us feast and celebrate
Think back on our lives it’s time to contemplate
Then we must prepare for the darkness to come
There’s still work to do, it’s only just begun

The Light of the Shore

Surrounded by fields of golden wheat
Crops ripen under the quickening heat
Her swollen belly nurtures a life within
As the Mother Goddess is awaiting him

Emerging proudly from the Forest of greens
The Horned One bids farewell to the trees
For the time has come to return to his love
The Sun at it’s peak, hovers above

Her heart is aflutter as the Horned One draws near
His new role as the Sun King, no longer brings fear
His eyes holds hers as their bodies entwine
To fulfill the Earths’ need, for now it’s his time

His antlers replaced with a wreath of gold
His love for the Goddess born of ages old
Together they’ll love and tend to the Land
Holding back the Winter, joined hand in hand

So we their children may rejoice and dance
Buoyed by the song of Natures’ romance
Weaving our intent and building our might
Celebrating fertility and the wonders of life



When the bark starts to fall from the gums all around
And the bush comes alive, vivid colours abound
The Horned God emerges burning with desire
For the Lady of the Land wants to make Bright Fire

The energy of the Earth, overflowing with vitality
Fuels the Oak Kings passion now bursting with fertility
For the Goddess of the Spring is awaiting her King
Their marriage tonight is a cause for all to sing

The drums start to pound with the heartbeat of the Land
There’s a chant through the forest growing ever grand
The Lady and the Lord start to dance to the beat
Their sweat covered bodies writhing in the heat

For tonight is the night that they join and become one
Hand-fasted and making love under the Beltane Sun
From the forest they watch their children gather flowers for their homes
Laughing and dancing around the Maypole like the villagers of old

Extinguish all your fires and build the Need Fire for Beltane
Hold hands with your partner and jump over the flames
Drive the livestock through the smoke for fertility and protection
Then rekindle your hearths with the flames from the Tein-eigen

So let us feast on this night, and celebrate fertility and love
For Summer is about to begin and what we plant will thrive
Take the leap across the fire to banish what brings us strife
Work on your hopes and dreams so they may fulfill your life

Spring Equinox


The Maiden Goddess and young Sun God stand hand in hand
Celebrating their new marriage, they marvel at the Land
Surrounded by wild flowers bathed in the colours of Spring
The young couple so in love, they rejoice and start to sing

The night and day now in balance, there’s a calm in the air
The once powerful Dark bows as the Light leads from here
The Earth is now reborn, energy courses through life’s veins
Nature is awakening, bringing a promise of new gains

This is Alban Eilir, “The Light of the Earth”
Where we celebrate balance, and the season of new birth
Cleansed, our Druid’s eggs, protected by the Hare
Promise renewal and rebirth, a future without care

The heat is on the increase and the winds start to blow
Let’s reflect and reward, and to the wind our troubles go
Collect baskets of wildflowers and celebrate life and fertility
Bask under the warm Sun, and absorb the Earth’s stability

So let’s open ourselves to the balance in our lives
Renew our dreams and aspirations so our future thrives
And manifest abundance, as we prepare for all our needs
The time for rest is over, let’s get busy and plant the seeds



When the heat of the Sun starts to warm us again
And the hours of sunlight are growing each day
The Sun has started its journey back to the South
The Wattles are in bloom, it’s the festival of Flowers

As the ground starts to thaw, young shoots reach for the Sun
The Child of Light, now an infant, looks with Love at his mum
Brigid the child bride brings forth fertility and desire
That the Lord of Light will return and all will bask in his Fire

This is Imbolc, a time of hope and preparation
Where we celebrate the beauty and wonder of creation
On this day let us Feast and rejoice at the return
Of the growing Child of Light, for this we now yearn

The lambing has begun, the Ewe’s milk is such a blessing
To help the community through the last of winters depression
The magpies have begun to collect grass, bark and sticks
And started to make nests ready for their new born chicks

Though the land still lies in darkness, new hope starts to show
The Child of Light shows his power as the heat starts to grow
Little by little the blessed Earth gifts us with her first flowers
It won’t be long now till the light overcomes the dark hours

So let’s open ourselves to inspiration and planning
And ready our Yule blessed seeds for the spring planting
Prepare for the future as the hard work’s about to begin
Get ready for new beginnings with a thorough spring clean

Winter Solstice

When the trees are cloaked in layers of bark
And the hours of the day are now mostly dark
We await the rebirth of the Sun soon to come
With a Fire in the hearth we dance and we drum

The Goddess once again becomes the Great Mother Modron
And gives birth to the Sun King, the Child of Light, the Mabon
The Mabon will bring warmth, light and life back to the Earth
The Wheel of the year revolves past death, towards a new birth

This is Alban Arthan, “The Light of Arthur”, “The Light of Winter”
Where the Sun has ventured North and can travel no further
The Dagda’s magic cauldron assures that Nature will thrive again
And daughter Brigid aids in this with her Flame of Inspiration

On this shortest day of the year the Holly King grows weak
While the Oak King grows strongest, it’s a battle he does seek
At Yule the Divine Child stands up to the Dark Lord
And battles the Holly King, his crown is his reward

Now let’s find a Yule log that will burn over twelve days
And with the remains of last year’s log, spark a flame once again
Store what’s left for next year to keep the cycle alive
And mix the ashes with the spring seeds so all our crops will thrive

While the Druids cut the sacred Mistletoe from the great Oaks
Let us purify our homes with candlelight, and incense smoke
Then decorate each room with branches of green leaves
To assure that Spring returns, for this we must believe

So let’s look upon this dark night as a time of renewal
Where we can leave the past behind and welcome in the new
It’s a time to warm our homes with friendship and with stories
To lift our spirits through this cold time awaiting Spring and its glory



The Moon shines bright over the Southern Lands
The Air is clear and the view is grand
The darkness grows longer as the veil thins
The doorway opens to let the Ancestors in

The Cailleach walks the Land with ease
The Earth needs food so she strips some leaves
If you ask she may take what we no longer desire
And transform them into what we require

The ground grows cold as she wields her staff
The children hide from her wicked laugh
Time fades as past, present and future become one
Our dearest departed walk amongst us, try not to run

We can talk to our Ancestors on Samhain Eve
And learn from our past, if we believe
It is a time to honour and remember those who have passed
Treasure this moment, for not long will it last

Celebrate divination and our psychic abilities
For now is the time where there is a blur in reality
Take on a disguise to avert those who are evil
So we can walk without fear of an upheaval

If you listen really close as the veil thins
You may hear soft music drifting in
This music is the beautiful song of the Fae
Who on this night may also visit our way

So let’s protect ourselves while we open our hearts
To the ghosts of the dead, our dearest departed
Then ask of the Gods to protect cattle and harvest
So we may survive the coming winter without any hardship

Autumn Equinox


There is a calm in the air as the Day greets the Night
Now on equal terms they honour each other’s might
Standing together hand in hand at the Gateway of the Year
The once powerful Sun lets the Darkness lead from here

The last of the fruits are starting to mature on the trees
The storms start to pass and the winds start to ease
The air becomes still and a peace settles down
It’s time to take stock of all our tasks up to now

The Lord of Light is exhausted from all of his hard labour
Grey of hair and lined of face he prepares now to retire
The Lady of the Land stands before us with the bounty of the Harvest
Let’s thank the Lady now for all her blessings of abundance

For this is Alban Elfed, ‘The Light of the Water’
Where we give thanks to the Earth, as our abundant Mother
With all the hard work done, we must prepare for the Twilight
But right now, let’s celebrate this time of balance in our lives

So let us take this moment in the Wheel of the Year
To reflect on our achievements and the people we hold dear
This is a time to value our community and for all of us to share
We must unite to face the darkness and show all that we care