The Moon shines bright over the Southern Lands
The Air is clear and the view is grand
The darkness grows longer as the veil thins
The doorway opens to let the Ancestors in

The Cailleach walks the Land with ease
The Earth needs food so she strips some leaves
If you ask she may take what we no longer desire
And transform them into what we require

The ground grows cold as she wields her staff
The children hide from her wicked laugh
Time fades as past, present and future become one
Our dearest departed walk amongst us, try not to run

We can talk to our Ancestors on Samhain Eve
And learn from our past, if we believe
It is a time to honour and remember those who have passed
Treasure this moment, for not long will it last

Celebrate divination and our psychic abilities
For now is the time where there is a blur in reality
Take on a disguise to avert those who are evil
So we can walk without fear of an upheaval

If you listen really close as the veil thins
You may hear soft music drifting in
This music is the beautiful song of the Fae
Who on this night may also visit our way

So let’s protect ourselves while we open our hearts
To the ghosts of the dead, our dearest departed
Then ask of the Gods to protect cattle and harvest
So we may survive the coming winter without any hardship